We have selected the gardens for the Ramble this year – A record 28 🌼🌼 Gardens, of which 13 have never been shown before. Gardens range from large to small, old and new, rural and urban, and many with water features within or adjacent to – all prepared with love and attention. Whether your interests are common or rare plants, plant color or texture, garden art, vegetable growing, how to cope with the range of soil types, drainage, drought or wet areas, or pleasant walks amongst plants, there will be things to interest you. Two gardens will be available for night viewing.
Thanks to the garden owners for sharing their treasures with us 🌸🌼🌺🌻

Whether you’re a seasoned rambler or a first timer keen to support our worthwhile cause, grab your Early-bird tickets from October onwards, and let’s get ready to RAMBLE!

Thank you for supporting Mangawhai’s Kindergarten and Playgroups!