The Mangawhai Garden Ramble was established in 2003 by a dedicated group of Mums, Kindy staff and other volunteers, to raise funds for both the Mangawhai Kindergarten and Mangawhai Plunket groups.

Every single dollar raised by the Mangawhai Garden Ramble goes towards the continued education, health and general support of our young children and their families!

Read below to find out more about these wonderful groups, and see what some of our parents have to say here!

Mangawhai Kindergarten runs an amazing program with a dedicated teaching team, and amazing facilities.  Due to the funds raised by the Garden Ramble, the kindergarten is able to continue offering families of Mangawhai their 20 free hours of Early Childhood Education without any surcharge being applied. This is not common practice for most ECE facilities and is of huge benefit to local families. It enables the kindergarten to not only provide a quality early childhood educational experience, but also to ensure it’s made available to all young children in our community.  This is vital in helping to create a healthy community in Mangawhai.

Mangawhai Plunket, situated at the Rose Madsen Cottage in The Domain, offers a wonderful range of support services to young families in the community. With the exception of the contracted Plunket Nurse hours, all support services are volunteer-operated and funded through community fundraising. Monies raised from the annual Garden Ramble contribute to general operational expenses of the Cottage and some important capital improvements over the years (most recently a brand new heat pump!), as well as help fund three weekly playgroups and an array of educational and learning resources (such as books, toys, games, art and craft supplies and playground equipment).

The popular playgroups have increased in size in the past twelve months, highlighting the importance and necessity of having somewhere safe, relaxed, educational and supportive for young families to meet and socialise each week, and the need to keep up with Mangawhai’s expanding population. The weekly playgroups cater for all ages, from newborn babies to preschoolers, and provide a wonderful opportunity for first time parents, or those new to the area, to meet a network of families with babies/children the same age.

Here’s what some of the parents have to say:

It feels like the kindy is part of my family and it has great facilities!

CaraMangawhai Kindergarten members

I joined Thursday playgroup when my first child was 3 months old, 5 years down, and 2 other kids, we’re still coming along! Having this Plunket playgroup has been so important to my family , as I could listen to the advice of experienced mothers and feel a sense of belonging to the community. The friends I made there will be ones for life! I have enjoyed my time volunteering with Plunket playgroups. Motherhood certainly has its rough patches, and in those times, having somewhere to be where you can relax and talk through it, is crucial to your sanity!

Anna KingiMangawhai Playgroup + Puna Reo playgroup members

We love the playgroups.  As members of Te Puna, it is great seeing how kids, mums, dads and whānau have fun learning together in a relaxed and very welcoming environment. My daughter loves the waiata and it’s amazing just how quickly she picks up on new words. We are so lucky to have this group available in Mangawhai!

Kelly BlaineyMangawhai Playgroup + Puna Reo playgroup members

The plunket playgroup is so important to me and our 2 year old as it has helped us with meeting new people after moving to this town. Our girl learns how to socialise with others her age and the importance of sharing. The kids watch each other and learn by copying. It has helped boost her confidence greatly.

Sandra WichmannMangawhai Playgroup members